It’s all about the man – boosting sperm count naturally

red-apples.jpgLow sperm count or poor sperm quality is the main cause of male infertility and it is on the rise. On a positive note, research shows that men can have more control over their sperm than they may think! Here are my top tips for improving sperm quality.

Steal your partner’s folic acid

Chances are, if you are trying for a baby then your partner will be taking folic acid.   A Dutch study showed taking folic acid alongside zinc (a well-known sperm booster) improved sperm count by 74%.

Selenium has also shown promise in improving sperm quality.  Found in high concentrations in Brazil nuts, some studies have shown it helps those with fragile sperm and poor motility.

Use fish to turn sperm into super swimmers!

Omega 3 Essential fats found in abundance in oily fish are vital for sperm production.  A study by the University of Illinois found that infertile mice had their fertility restored when given omega 3 essential fats.  They also discovered that omega 3 turned sperm into super swimmers and that development of the head of the sperm was reliant on this nutrient.

Get your mobile phone out

….of your pocket that is! A meta-analysis showed that carrying a mobile device in your pocket reduces sperm quality, motility and count.  In one of my clinics, a patient’s sperm count doubled when he stopped carrying his pager around in his trouser pocket.

Worth Trying for

In my clinical experience, women are far more likely to comply with healthy eating programmes and supplement regimes than men in order to conceive! Boosting fertility in men requires an all-round approach of good diet, lifestyle changes (such as quitting smoking) and supplements.

Research carried out by the charity Foresight indicated that 82% of infertile men conceived if they followed the programme completely.  It takes at least three months for new sperm to form so improvement in sperm quality takes a little patience!


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